Tuesday, 27 December 2011

40th Day Memorial Service of Z/T Alem Zegeye

40th Day Memorial Service was held for our beloved sister Zemarit Alem Zegeye at her Debregenet St Mary's and St Gabriel's Church in Winnipeg, Canada on Sunday December 25, 2011. After the prayer service (Tselote Fethat)  a Wereb celebrating the joining of our blessed sister  with the saints in Heaven was presented by the choir. Food and refreshment  (Tsebel Tsedik) prepared by the church choir was also served to the hundreds of guests.

Here is the first part of the Wereb  - Wetequebelwa Melaikti Le Mahdere Maryam be Sibhat, which means the angels welcomed Mahdere Maryam with joy (Mahdere Maryam is Alem's baptismal name - Sime Kristina). Please also watch the second part.

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